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The Visit Continues…

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Hello All,

I have been at home all day, lazing around on the couch again! Sheel and mum did not take me to the office today. I guess they thought I needed to rest and also it was too hot outside.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about the doggies I saw on the street yesterday. While I was comfortably relaxing in an airconditioned room. I had also seen cows who were tied to barks of trees with a rope. I wonder what they must do all day. I felt like jumping out of the car and setting them free! So…my entire day has been a mess. I have been trying to figure out techniques by which I could help these animals on the street. I shall draft a plan soon…

I was feeling so helpless after I had urinated on the bench, my mother and Sheel had to clean it. While we were still waiting on the bench, I noticed these other beings who were also waiting along with us, were taken into another room one by one. It was strange. All of a sudden a human approached us, he was wearing a white coat and was small built. He lifted me up, into his arms, he had multiple fragrances. He began to examine my body in a very suspicious manner. It felt creepy. He carried me into the room just like he had taken the other beings who were similar to me. The room was vast, It had two large silver tables. I was placed on one of them. Sheel and mum were standing close by. I was sniffing the table, and while I was doing so, I saw another me trapped inside the table but slightly blurred. He was immitating me. I started barking at him but he wouldn’t stop! Eventually, I gave up.

Sheel and Mumma, were referring to this human as, Doctor. So this doctor got a huge needle and poked it onto my back. It hurt. Why would he be so cruel? I did not like this human. surprisingly Sheel and mum let him poke this needle into me. Were they all on the same team? I felt vulnerable again! Although they said, “good boi limboo” and gave me this soft treat as a reward. They said, “you are a brave little puppy.”

It felt good.

We were heading back home after this torturous event. I am glad it was over.

Oh No!… It’s getting late. I shall continue my story tomorrow.


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