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Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Hello All,

I apologise for not posting yesterday. My family needed me. A barrel of monkeys had invaded our territory and I had to step up and protect everyone. This had drained me out completely and hence I couldn’t write.

Well, today is Earth Day! Every year on 22nd April, we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970! I am happy to tell you, that today I helped Sheel and papa plant trees in our garden. I was given the responsibility to dig the ground, brilliant!! It was a productive day. I am glad I could be a part of this cause. There are many other factors regarding saving our planet I am eager to discuss with you, but I need to do my own research first.

I began thinking about this when I was on one of my car rides. I was happily embracing the wind which was blowing through my fur, oh…It felt soo good! When all of a sudden there was a burst of various odours we were approaching. I was surprised to see a massive pile of garbage and so many cows and doggies around it. They were literally eating the garbage, which includes plastic bags as well. I got worried and hence I began to bark at them, trying to stop them. It wasn’t healthy for them to eat plastic. I was concerned about my own kind. But I felt helpless, what could I have done at that moment? I wish I had magical powers.

So, this is how it all started. I will find a solution to protect my environment! I must convince my fellow humans to take charge of this situation and show some empathy.

I am not posting my story today. I dedicate this post to Earth day.

Will be back with more tomorrow!

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