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The Departure…

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Hello everyone,

My day has been quite gloomy. In fact, I could sense something suspicious since last night. I knew something was fishy! My parents had asked Bharat to get their travel cases out from the storeroom. The moment I saw those big cases in their bedroom, I figured it out! I felt miserable.

While Mumma and Papa were packing their bags, I was right next to them. I did not want to waste a single minute while they were still around.

I woke up earlier than usual this morning, in the state of panic! I feared the departure of my parents. All of a sudden I heard voices from downstairs, “Limboo…Limboo…” I immediately got out of bed, jiggled my body with excitement and rushed downstairs. The moment I saw them, I ran towards them and started licking their faces. They were all set to leave, I saw Sheel sneaking up from behind. Was she leaving too? I wondered. The situation was getting out of control.

I saw Mumma walking towards me she hugged me tight and kissed me on my forehead. That was definitely a goodbye kiss. Papa seemed more upset then I was. He came to me with teary eyes and bade me goodbye. They exited the door and were walking towards the main gate. Sheel ran towards them to say goodbye. Just then, all sort of thoughts/feelings began to cross my mind. Will I ever see them again? Will they miss me? Am I going to be all alone from this moment onwards?

I had curled up in a corner and did not go outside to say goodbye. I was very upset. While I was busy trying to sink in these numerous thoughts that were crossing my mind, I heard the main door closing. That was Sheel, she ran towards me and squeezed me into her arms. I was more than happy to see her. What a relief, I thought to myself. At least someone was around.

So, this is what my day looked like. Although for some reason I just couldn’t stop sulking all day. Sheel was trying her best to keep me occupied. But every time the doorbell rang I used to think Mumma and Papa were back. I would start barking and go running towards the door, full of excitement to greet them. I don’t know when will they return. Will they?

Although, I still had hope. According to my body clock, Mumma usually returns home by evening. Papa works from home, but he was not around all day. I was still positive, so I waited for them near the gate, for at least an hour. Sheel would try and distract me but I did not lose hope. I went on a sniffing spree, all around the house in the hope to find my parents. No luck!

I hope they return soon…

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