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From Vision to Reality: The Ramat Journey

Welcome to Ramat, an esteemed haven of interior design sophistication nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad. Our pursuit of interior excellence goes beyond the ordinary; for us, it's an artistry that weaves together the essence of opulence, comfort, and aspiration.

At Ramat, we don't just design spaces; we craft lavish havens that are a symphony of elegance and indulgence. Every stroke of our designs is infused with a commitment to evoke the most exquisite emotions in your heart. Our creations radiate happiness, transforming mere concrete into realms that inspire the dreams of generations to come.


Ramat is a brainchild of Sheel Parekh, which has grown into a bespoke interior designing firm dedicated to offering residential luxury interior design services & reinforcing commercial spaces that exceed your expectations.

Sheel Parekh

We invite you to step into a world where luxury meets imagination, and aspirations take flight. Discover interiors that are not just spaces but the stories of your desires, lovingly crafted to reflect your unique personality and lifestyle

Elevate your lifestyle and create a lasting impression


Our mission is to elevate lifestyles by curating remarkable interior spaces that stand the test of time.



 Ramat aims to be a leader in luxury residential and commercial interior design, setting new industry standards.


Passion | Excellence | Client-Centric | Innovation | Integrity

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