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About us

Interior design is about people, their personalities, lifestyles, and aspirations.

The interior design transforms concrete into a space that truly reflects the tastes of life,

exudes happiness & inspires the future. 

Welcome to Ramat, an interior design firm in Ahmedabad, where interior designing is about

creating captivating & impressive oases but more about enhancing the lifestyle.

At Ramat, we are passionate about creating stunning interiors that reflect our clients' personalities

and aspirations. Our interior design combines aesthetics, functionality, and high expectations

to transform spaces into sources of happiness and inspiration.

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The interiors of your home are significant. It gives your home a different edge and a cut above the rest. A modern house design must be well-planned, trendy, and sophisticated. 


Whether you seek a contemporary design infused with sleek lines and minimalist elegance, a traditional sanctuary resonating with timeless charm, or an eclectic blend of styles that reflects your vibrant personality, we have developed a knack for delivering residential projects that breathe life, infuse energy and make the dweller proud.

Designing a commercial space is challenging when multiple choices are available and innumerable art and craft inspirations are around. Regardless of challenges, we have delivered commercial projects with aplomb within budget and time. 


We stay with you throughout the journey from concept development, space planning, material selection, custom furniture design, and project management to post-delivery customer care.